Monday, September 22, 2008

Very Busy September Part 2

Here is part 2 - On the 12th September Steve and I along with our friends Amanda and Matthew, went to the "Basement" (a restaurant and stage show venue) in Sydney's Circular Quay, to see Jon English (for those of you that read from other parts of the world Jon English is an old Aussie Rocker from the 60s and 70s) and Jonah's Road. They were both fantastic, I thought I didn't know any Jon English music but I knew quite a bit. Amanda and I went to see Jonah's Road, they are some local boys trying to make it in the country music scene. We saw them this year in Tamworth, they are great, and a lovely bunch of guys, so friendly. They have a new release on CMC the song is called "Giddy Up" go and vote for them and get them up the charts so they might get signed up for a record deal.

I have started my Christmas presents, I have made 2 aprons for two little girls I know that love to bake, I am just finishing off their names on the front. One of them I have made too short so I will add some more fabric to the bottom of that one. I then have a couple more to make but adult ones, these are for a few friends. I like the idea of the pressies in a jar, and I'm going to make the older of the 2 girls some biscuits (cookies) in a jar as well as a recipe book to go with her apron.

I am about to start my cloth dollies as well, I have 3 to make for 3 special little girls in my life, I tried a pattern I found online but I couldn't get the head to work, so I went off to spotlight and bought a pattern, I am a pattern girl I like to have a pattern to follow. The pattern I found online was good but it needed how to do it pictures.

I'm going to give everyone I can homemade gifts this year. I really like the gift in a jar idea. I got all my ideas over at Down to Earth. While you are checking out Down to Earth leave a comment in answer to the questions Rhonda is asking in this current post. Rhonda is writing a book and she would like to know why all here readers have chosen the simple life.

Well I think I have caught up now, I will try and be more diligent

in my posting.

Bye for now,



white_lilly said...

Hi Tracie,
I was only thinking about Jon English the other day,I didn't know he was still singing. He had some really good songs, I loved his raspy voice

I was inspired by Rhonda's blog and have also started my Christmas to-do list. I am also a pattern person!

Belovedgoddess said...

I love Jon English, last time I saw him perform was in Pirates of Penzance, that was over 14 years ago.