Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is how a cat helps with the christmas card making. Very helpful don't you think...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

We ate our first googs yesterday. They were cooked on the BBQ. YUM, Steve reckoned he couldn't taste the difference, I told him the difference is they have come from happy chooks that aren't kept cooped up in small cages, living an unhappy life.

These are the clever girls that layed the eggs above. Berta and Rose. Berta is the grey chook and Rosey is the black chook, they are named after two of the female characters in "2 and a Half Men". Don't ask what breed they are cause we don't know. We bought them from the local Trash and Treasure market for $2.00 each. They both have completely different personalities, I just wish I knew who layed what egg. They are both laying now so we should be getting 2 eggs everyday now.
This is one of our cats. Kirby, is 12 months old and very spoilt.

I think I might want to be a spoilt, loved cat in my next life...


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Well another week has past.

We got our first egg this week, it is only very small but I'm sure they will get bigger. This is actually our 2nd egg the first one was crushed, probably in the shock of it all. The thing is we haven't had another one after this one. If someone reading this knows more about chooks than me, is it normal to have one egg then a break.
Yesterday we went for a drive to Breakfast Point to see our beautiful girl be flower girl for her Aunt. She scrubbed up very well in her flowergirl dress. R was very excited about the whole event and had spoken about it for weeks. Our gorgeous boy, her brother A was just as excited and he scrubbed up very well too.
The Flowergirl... Isn't she lovely. Brides shouldn't have flowergirls they steal the show because they are sooooo cute.
Here is the Flowergirls big brother A and their Mum. Doesn't A look very smart and he told me he did his own hair. He was so excited to be at the wedding and wanted to know when the food and dancing would be happening.

Today we spent the day in the garden...

We planted cucumbers and squash.

This is our Corn, growing nicely.

Button Squash, the flowers look lovely but most of the squash have bottom end rot. We can't work out why this is happening. Have to do more research I suppose.

Hydrangeas - I gave these plants a hard pruning last year and now they are full of flowers.

Our Passionfruit finally has flowers with little fruit in the middle. Hopefully these little fruit won't fall off like the rest have.

Steve pruned this 4o+ year old lemon tree with a chainsaw last year. I guess it was the best thing he could have done for the poor old thing, this year it's full of fruit and flowers and lots of new growth. I pulled a few stink bugs off it today but there is no where near as many as there was last year.

I think thats all for now.


Monday, November 02, 2009

Well, so much for me blogging everyday, one whole week has past and I haven't even been here. I went to the city yesterday and had a wander around. Forgot the camera though. I love to go to the city and hang out in Borders Books, but guess what? Borders in Pitt Street is just a big hole in the ground, when did this happen? I really should go to the city more often so I can keep up to date. The building that was between Centre Point and Sky Garden is gone. The facade is still there but the building behind it is gone. Pitt Street was a bit of a mess really, mustn't do anything for tourism.

Once I walked around and around in Myer, I went to Dymocks Book store for some morning tea, iced coffee and a melt yum. Then I went to Lincraft which is now under Supre on the cnr of Market and George Street, they were having a 30% off sale, so I bought some fabric that I had been looking at on Thursday.

I then walked down George Street to meet Steve in Dixon Street (China Town) for lunch. We had lunch at the noodle bar. We then went and looked around Paddy's market (boring) it is the same old rubbish to suck in the tourists.

We hung around till 4.00pm because we thought we had cheap parking, but when we finally got back to the car we hadn't parked on the right level so instead of paying the Early Bird rate of $13.00 we had to pay $26.00 hard lesson learned. We would have left the city heaps earlier if we had know this. Oh well what were we to do. We had had a lovely day and we weren't going to let anything spoil it. We drove home in bumper to bumper traffic, I think everybody drove to the city yesterday.