Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nutribullet beginning of week 3

Well we have owned the Nutribullet for 2 weeks now. We are finding it really great. I'm starting to get it all under control. The first week I ate too much fruit, now I'm only hsving the fruit in my breakfast smoothie, for lunch I've been making a vegetable smoothie and taking protien with me in a separate container. We've been having a normal dinner, with the addition of fruit icecream for dessert. Yummo. This fruit icecream is frozen fruit and either almond milk or cows milk, I have found that the cows milk leaves a fatty texture.  Last night we  added some yoghurt.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

16/01/2014 . Nutribullet Day 2 Well this morning we went for a 40 min walk. Trying to ease back into the exercise. For brekky we had another blast... Me being concerned with the calories and the amount of fruit I was consuming made my own concoction. Spinach Banana Apple Blackberries Broccoli Celery Almonds, flaxseeds, Maca. For lunch it was a salad in a cup... spinach tomato cucumber celery,walnuts Dinner was chicken leg and salad with yoghurt. So far the nutribullet is working great.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


15/01/2014 Nutri Bullet.

It's been quite a while since I posted here. We purchased a Nurtribullet after a lot of research. I would have liked a Optimum pro 9200. If the Nurtribullet doesn't work out the that is what I'll be buying.

On Monday the 13th January 2014 the new Nurtribullet arrived. We only used it once on Monday on Tuesday we used it twice, but today we have started our green smooth way of eating. This morning I made us for brekky a Protein Protein Powerhouse smoothie. Lunch I made immunity boost. What is worrying me so far is the amount of fruit in them. I will look for recipes with not so much fruit and more vegetables.

We should only have 2 serves of fruit per day and five serves vegetables. Today we have had raspberries, avocado mango pear pineapple apple banana there isn't enough protein either.

The Nurtribullet is great though. I'll just have to find my own recipes following nutrition I know is more correct for a healthy body. Steve will be loving this because it's so sweet.