Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Spring

Now that I've spent winter hibernating its time to get out in the garden and do the spring planting.

We have had a very busy last couple of months with the moving of our business back to our home and learning to cope with diabetes.

I have now lost 16kg, this puts me below 100kg for the first time in I don't know how long... the dietitian says this a dangerous time when you can go backwards. I hope to keep going down. My next goal is 95kgs.

I was a size 24-26 for so long that I have no small clothes in the wardrobe, so I have been scouring the op shops for smaller sizes so I don't have to buy new. But these sizes are popular so there aren't many around.

We have two new additions to the green house. They are our chickens Berta and Rose. We bought them at Bankstown Markets not knowing if they were boys or girls, it looks like we may have been luck enough to score girls. I have been told they should be laying in a couple of months. They are the most effecient garbage disposals, better than the worms. Steve isn't coping with them leaving little parcels all over the concrete. The two cats are terrified of them, which is a good thing, Kirby use to eye them up as a meal when they were little and now he runs away from them.

Well my baby has just got out of bed so I had better go and feed her lunch, before she wakes her brother and sister.

Will write again real soon.


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Belovedgoddess said...

A big congrats on the weight loss, what's your secret?

I was hoping to get some chickens this year but have reluctantly decided against it. Right now the cons outweigh the pros, I'll just keep buying eggs from local egg farms (have to be free range)