Monday, December 07, 2009

My goodness, doesn't time get away from you when you are busy. This is just an update of what's going on her at our simple green house. I'm still making a few chrissy pressies, better get a move on only 19 days till Christmas I've been told. Haven't been too well this week, have had a cold and it has really taken me down with a thump. I even had to take a day off work on wednesday which is unlike me at all. I didn't want to give it my charges. Feeling better today, must be due to the lazy day we had at home yesterday.

The girls are still laying eggs, somedays we get one and somedays we get two, we still haven't worked out who lays which egg, they all look the same to us.

The garden is looking great haven't harvested much yet but I'm sure that will start soon.

I went shopping last week and bought myself size 16 shorts and tops can you believe size 16. I tried on a dress and couldn't buy it as it was too big and they didn't have a smaller size. This time last year I was hovering between size 24 and size 26. It hasn't been easy to loose this 25kgs and I'm sure the next 15kgs isn't going to be easy, but I tell you what it is going to happen one kilo at a time I'm in no rush, it didn't go on over night and finally I don't think it has to come off over night.

I'm currently reading "5 Greatest Warriors" by Matthew Reilly, this is the 3rd book in a continuing story that started with "7 Ancient Treasures" and continued with "6 Scared Stones", they have all been great. I haven't read a novel for ages and in the last month I have read almost 3, it's no wonder I can't get my Christmas sewing done.

Bye for now,



Nicole and Phil said...

Hey there...
it's been ages since I have visited anyone's blog!
Well done on the weightloss!!! I envy you, I have another 10 to go, and it's so hard!!
Just been updating our blog with holiday trips and tonight's Xmas tree decorating!
Hope you and Steve are both well...I will want some vegie and chook tips when I get back next year....I am wanting to do the same thing that you are doing!!!

sadly not much craft happening, a bit of knitting, no patchwork and no scrapbooking....but I so want to get back into it all....been such a busy year!

BarefootBride said...

I think there's a big scam by manufacturers to trick us into thinking we're bigger than we actually are. I'm normally a 10-12 but lately found myself cramming into clothes labelled '16'. Not overly good on the old ego when you've got two kids and wobbly bits!