Sunday, November 21, 2010

I can't believe I haven't written anything here for the past 3 months. Spring has passed by in a blur. Last time I wrote here, I wrote about starting a new job. Well this week I finish that job and move on to another more permanent job. Nannying has been great for the last 18 months, and I'm going to miss M J and A greatly. I hope I can still see them. I'm a bit sad that I can't watch them grow anymore, but it was my time to move on.

I'm going to be selling beds and mattresses for a large chain. I have retail experience but have never sold a bed. Suppose it won't be too difficult once I now all my product knowledge. Product knowledge is swimming around in my head right now as I had my first shift yesterday.

Now that I won't be working such long hours I will try and write more often.

I have been doing some baking, and our garden is looking fantastic.

The chookies are all laying, and we get 5 to 7 eggs per day. We are both enjoying our googs, they are sooooo nice.

Have a great day.


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