Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have been very slack in my posting lately. We have had visitors for the last 2 weeks and this makes it hard to keep up with everything. I was tagged the other day and only got around to answering it yesterday. As well as all that I have got a cold. One of the children that was visiting was very sharing and shared his cold with me. Oh well this cannot be helped but it sure does make you feel miserable. If I worked for someone other than myself I would have been home in bed for the last 2 days. I have tomorrow off and I'm going to the doctors, not that I think he can do much for my cold. I have been having lots of hot lemon drinks with pure honey in them. The throat is starting to feel a bit better today. The head is still throbbing. Enough about that it's only a cold...

Our garden is doing great, we are already eating salad greens out of it. The lettuce tastes just devine and I have had to sprinkle pepper all around to keep my 2 cats off the garden, this seems to me working, we will see. I have been telling everyone that the vegetables are already seasoned while they are growing. We should be eating Pak Choy and Chinese cabbage in the next couple of weeks. These are both growing like wildfire. We have also had a small meal of Snowpeas, they were so sweet and delicious.

Our "little" peach tree has decided to blossom, it is very confused, I think the couple of warm days that we had has made it think it is spring. It has eight lovely flowers on it. I hope this doesn't mean it's going to die. It was a Christmas pressie a couple of years ago.

I have the slowcooker on the bench bubbling away cooking dinner. The smell is devine. I'm cooking "Symple Beef Stew" or my variation of it. I found the recipe last winter in "The Symply Too Good To Be True" cookbooks. Here is the link to the web site. I use quite a few of her recipes, they are low fat, low salt and very tasty and delicious, I think they are reasonably in price as well.

I will try to take more photos so I can post them here.

Have a great evening...

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi Tracie, hope you are feeling better. Beef Stew is such great comfort food.