Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend in the garden

I started this post on Tuesday and it is now Friday and I'm getting around to finishing it.

We spent all day Sunday (24th Aug in the garden), very nice but tiring. The 24 tomato seedlings we planted last weekend most have been eaten we have replaced them with bigger seedlings from the nursery. Steve has got seedlings in the greenhouse but these aren't growing fast enough and we want to put in bigger seedlings so whatever stole them last time won't steal them again.

We now have 5 garden beds ready to be planted up in the spring.

We went to Altra Nursery and bought some larger tomato seedling and my FIL put in the ground for me. Hopefully nothing has eaten them.

Our Zucchini are growing nicely they getting bigger everyday, at least the Possums don't like to eat these yet. We are having trouble with keeping leaves on our strawberry plants, I have to cover them every night or else the resident Possum eats all the leaves. I thought he might have left our yard as I have been leaving an apple out for him every night and over the last few nights the apple has still been there, but this morning the apple was gone, so I think he was just eating elsewhere for the last few nights.

My blueberries are coming along nicely, Steve laughs that we are only going to get enough berries to make a handful. This is the first year we have had the plant so i will be happy with this. I will put another blueberry bush in this year then we will have more berries for next year.

On Thursday night I made Kate's from Our Red House "Gran's Apple Tea cake" you will find the recipe here, it was delicious and so simple to make. I will certainly be making this again, thanks Kate for sharing.

This is about all the baking I have had time to do lately. I did make Strawberry Jam again on Monday night I still don't like it. I probably won't make it again I thought if i made my own Strawberry Jam I might like it but no I don't. It's official the only way I like strawberries is fresh.

We are off to the Gardening Australia show this weekend, hopefully to get some good ideas. I will try and take lots of photos and post the here. I'm not real good at the old photo posting.

Not too much gardening is going to happen in the next few weeks as we are so busy on Sundays with Father's Day and Ethans Birthday party taking up the next few weeks. But I will try and do more baking and I do need to make more soap.

Thanks for stopping by.

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