Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Farmers Market at Warick Farm Race course was packed this morning. Some of the stalls had already sold out of produce and I was there at 7.00am - they don't "open" till 8.00am, from experience I know that you have to go there on the Saturday before Christmas at the crack of dawn. They are even open this year on Christmas Eve.

I don't buy food anywhere else if I can help it, it just doesn't taste the same and everything comes from NSW.

As well as Fruit and Vegetables, there is beef, pork (best streaky bacon and ham around), olives, honey and the best cupcakes made with seasonal produce toppings, just love them. I don't eat too many though as they just go to my hips.

Tomorrow we are having a Christmas Party at home for Steve's work, have lots to do, working now in the shop better get back to it.

Have a good day.


Caroline said...

Thanks for coming by my place(blog)
I love farmers markets in fact I like them like some women like clothes shops.
Yeh I know kinda weird hey. but once you taste the difference you don't want anything else

Belovedgoddess said...

We might bump into each other over there one weekend. Had thought that Warrick Farm was a little out of my way but after working there, I realise it's not that far.

Definitely heading there in the New Year.