Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello all who read.

I know I have been slack, I haven't posted for quite a while. Life around here is extremely hectic. To loose weight and to exercise Steve and I have taken up delivering junk mail. You wouldn't do it for the money but I tell you what, the exercise is well worth it. I have been walking for 1 hour a day up hill and down dale. All the areas around here are a bit on the hilly side, so even though I can't walk too fast due to posting things in letter boxes the hills get my heart rate up.

Steve sprained both of his ankles on Good Friday, so he hasn't been out walking with me at all. We generally have both of our areas completed by now but with only one of us able to walk we still have one area to go.

Now back to Steve's sprained ankles. We were out at Cronulla with our good friends who had come down to visit us from the Newcastle area for Easter, we had only just started the walk along the esplanade to South Cronulla when Steve had his fall. Silly thing was looking out towards the horizion and didn't see two small steps and went crashing down in a heap. We got him up and he told us he was okay, so we continued on our walk. When we got to South Cronulla, we got some nice and very expensive fish and chips for lunch, $70.00 for the five of us, am I the only one to thing this is ridiculously expensive for fish and chips. The shop was packed with a queue out the door and they still had the hide to put a 10% surcharge on top of the price.

After we had sat down to eat our lunch/dinner Steve went to get up again and was in agony. His ankles had seized up on him and he was in a great deal of pain. I offered to walk back and get the car and bring it closer but he said he would be right and hobbled on. He spent the next two days with his feet elevated being waited on hand and foot.

He went to work on Tuesday and is starting to walk alot better.

Bye for now.



Nicole and Phil said...

Ouch, I hope Steve is feeling better soon. I hope he hasn't got a bell close by to ring it when he needs something! ;)
Great to hear you are doing lots of walking....I have been going to the gym, and trying not to put food in my mouth....

Belovedgoddess said...

I hope Steve continues to heal. And I agree with Nicole that I hope a bell isn't too close, been there done that when my hubby broke his leg.

Where do you find the time to do a junk mail run? I suppose it is good incentive to get out and do that exercise. It is something I have done before as well when in need of extra money - not that it brought that much extra in.

I agree that $70 is expensive for fish and chips, I was in the city at Circular Quay, had a hankering for them. One place was over $30 per person.