Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things I have been doing

Yesterday we spent the day in the garden. We have started to get our winter beds ready for planting. We planted, Snow peas (this is our second attempt, the last lot did no good at all), parsnips, turnips, beetroot and onions, we are still harvesting beans, zucchinis, chillis, raspberries (it is so nice to walk down the backyard and pick a fresh raspberry), I'm still waiting for my lemons to ripen, how long do they take?? We have radishes coming out of our ears, they are so yummy. Thats about it for the garden at the moment.

I'm cooking up some home made stocks at the moment and the house smells delish. Chicken stock and Lamb stock. Once the lamb stock is cooked I'm going to make up a hearty lamb stew, that should keep us going for a few days. The chicken stock is going in the freezer so I don't have to use bought stock. I have about 20 litres of stock bubbling away on the stove with lots of good wholesome bones in it. The cost of all this stock would have been no more than about $15.00 if I bought this much store bought stock it would cost me about $53.00 I think this is a great savings and a lot less salt in it.

The stock is now all finished. I made some JOOK (rice porridge with chicken, rice dried turnip and other things) for dinner. Jook (have no idea of the spelling, I spell it how I say it) is a chinese soup made with rice and it is thick like porridge. We love it here and my MIL usually makes it, I have made it once, it's a really filling cheap meal, you can have it for breakfast too but we like it for lunch or dinner.

Better go now,



Caroline said...

Is there a recipe for Jook or do you just cook as you go??

Belovedgoddess said...

Do you plant the raspberries each year? I tried growing some a couple years ago and probably only got a small handful of berries - think I might try again. Am also trying blueberries this year.

Cassie said...

Tracie, Visiting from Caroline's blog. Now I am also interested in this Jook. I've signed on as a follower so if you post it I'll get the recipe. I've baked Caroline's egg pie about 5X since she posted it!! Now it's too hot in Phoenix to turn on the oven.
Best Wishes, Cassie

Nicole and Phil said...

I have just finished this book called
Made by Scratch by Jenny Wogenrich
see if you can get it at your local library!
she writes a blog which is very good too!