Monday, November 02, 2009

Well, so much for me blogging everyday, one whole week has past and I haven't even been here. I went to the city yesterday and had a wander around. Forgot the camera though. I love to go to the city and hang out in Borders Books, but guess what? Borders in Pitt Street is just a big hole in the ground, when did this happen? I really should go to the city more often so I can keep up to date. The building that was between Centre Point and Sky Garden is gone. The facade is still there but the building behind it is gone. Pitt Street was a bit of a mess really, mustn't do anything for tourism.

Once I walked around and around in Myer, I went to Dymocks Book store for some morning tea, iced coffee and a melt yum. Then I went to Lincraft which is now under Supre on the cnr of Market and George Street, they were having a 30% off sale, so I bought some fabric that I had been looking at on Thursday.

I then walked down George Street to meet Steve in Dixon Street (China Town) for lunch. We had lunch at the noodle bar. We then went and looked around Paddy's market (boring) it is the same old rubbish to suck in the tourists.

We hung around till 4.00pm because we thought we had cheap parking, but when we finally got back to the car we hadn't parked on the right level so instead of paying the Early Bird rate of $13.00 we had to pay $26.00 hard lesson learned. We would have left the city heaps earlier if we had know this. Oh well what were we to do. We had had a lovely day and we weren't going to let anything spoil it. We drove home in bumper to bumper traffic, I think everybody drove to the city yesterday.


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