Thursday, November 12, 2009

We ate our first googs yesterday. They were cooked on the BBQ. YUM, Steve reckoned he couldn't taste the difference, I told him the difference is they have come from happy chooks that aren't kept cooped up in small cages, living an unhappy life.

These are the clever girls that layed the eggs above. Berta and Rose. Berta is the grey chook and Rosey is the black chook, they are named after two of the female characters in "2 and a Half Men". Don't ask what breed they are cause we don't know. We bought them from the local Trash and Treasure market for $2.00 each. They both have completely different personalities, I just wish I knew who layed what egg. They are both laying now so we should be getting 2 eggs everyday now.
This is one of our cats. Kirby, is 12 months old and very spoilt.

I think I might want to be a spoilt, loved cat in my next life...


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Lucy said...

Your chooks look to be either barred rocks or silver laced Wyandottes. If the have a regular comb they are barred rocks, if the have a rose comb (close to the head, sorta looks like the comb melted) than they are wyandottes

Lucy from the US