Monday, February 22, 2010

So Sorry I have been missing in action for the last month. Nothing much has been happening around here. We lost our beautiful grey chook about three 3 weeks ago on a 45 degree day. It was too hot for her. Neither Steve or I were at home to make sure they both stayed cool with lots of iced water etc. . On Australia Day we picked up 3 more hens. It was very sad watching Rosie follow the cat around, as her only friend on earth. So we got her some friends. 2 Australopes and a Rhode island Red. They are abouth 18 months old, and Rosie is the boss. With Berta she was never bossy, they were just two sisters together. But Rose sure puts the new hens in their place.

The three new hens weren't in real good condition when we got them, but now 3 weeks later they have bright red cones and are giving me three eggs per day. Not bad for old chooks.
They aren't very friendly, but they are getting better. Time will tell.

Steve Planted a garden full of root veges yesterday. Carrots (purple ones), parsnips, turnips, and we already have beetroots in. There are Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts in seedling trays. we will plant them out his weekend. I ordered purple cauliflower seeds from They sell Heirloom seeds. I like to keep old varieties going.

I just finished reading "Animal Vegetable Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. It was fantastic. The story of one family eating only local food for one year. This included food from their own garden, farmers markets and he local area. I was also about only eating food that was in season. Not only fruit and vegeables but meat as well. I would highly reccommend it. I got it from my local library.

I have also given myself the challenge of not buying magazines. I have a 2 year subscription to "Super Food Ideas", and I buy "People's Friend" every week, but that is it, no other magazines are allowed. So far so good, When I was at the library the other week, I noticed they had all the mags there to read and you couldn't borrow them till the next month, so that is what I'm going to do to get my fix.

I hope everyone is well,


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joolzmac said...

Hi Tracie

Sorry to hear about your poor chooky!

When I was a little girl, watching my mum make jams and relishes, she only ever used the cellophane covers. This jam did't go in a water bath or preserving unit, just put in sterilised jars when still really hot. Providing the jam is cooked properly, Mum never had a problem with mould developing.
If I was giving at a give, I would probably screw on a lid over the cello and add a material cover for decoration.

Cheers - Joolz