Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm going to rave for a few minutes to get something off my chest...

I just want to let you all know that it is a good idea to do a Greenslip Quote online with NRMA and not just Renew your policy. My Greenslip was due for renewal today 8th March, I had a look at it on Saturday and noticed it was $300.00 more than last year. I got straight on to the Greenslip calculators and it came back with the cheapest quote as the NRMA for us (we are gold members), as $436.05 my policy renewal was $678.00.

I got straight on the telephone to them to be told that I didn't have any other insurance on the car in question. When I told the very rude person on the end of the phone I did have insurance just not with NRMA, the policy came done $200.00, to $487.00. I was told online quotes aren't always correct (when you do them in comparison websites) and as soon as you fill in your info the premium will increase.

Went to pay the policy tonight and thought I would do the online Quote again but this time in the NRMA website, I got the same amount $436.05, so I decided to ring again, to find out about the $50.00 odd difference, to be told again that Online quotes can change once you fill in all the info and was given even more run around... Whilst on hold for the fourth time I decided to see what would happen If I continued and filled in all my details, guess what, it went all the way to payment and was still only charging me $436.05, I ended up telling the person on the end of the phone, who kept trying to make me out as the fool, that I would just let the overpriced policy lapse and purchase a new policy, for $51.00 less

I wouldn't have stayed with NRMA but for us they have the cheapest green slips around. So don't just pay the policy...

Do some surfing and save yourselves some money.

Sorry It's so long winded but I had to tell the whole story so you got the full picture.



Tracy said...

Hi Tracie,
I think this applies to all insurance policies. It is a good idea to shop around every year to make sure you are getting the best deal. Sorry you had to have a hard time with the customer service.

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Each year my husband does the green slip search, he always finds cheaper, sometimes with the same provider.

Don't you remember when they brought green slips in? It was supposed to be cheaper - for the first year it was and then it skyrocketed.

He did the same thing when looking for comprehensive insurance for our new car - got the cheapest rate, paid fortnightly and highest no claim bonus, even though we didn't have any extra insurance on our old car.

I drove that car for years assuming we had insurance, it was only when I asked hubby what we paid did he tell me. Luckily we never had any need for it.