Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well today is my 48th Birthday. I have had a nice relaxing day. Breakfast with my hubby, then a phone call from the boss to say happy birthday, and why don't you stay home today nice surprise.

The photo above is of the beans we planted on the 9th Jan. They are already popping their heads up out of the dirt, will be able to plant them out next week.

These lettuce are growing like weeds, they seem to grow taller every day. I think you can just about watch them grow.

Here is Ethel on top of the Box of weeds I bought them home yesterday. It is keeping them busy. In a few days they will have it all emptied out and all the good bits eaten.

Can you see the ginger rooster in the background behind the girls, Kirby spends hours in the chook pen with the girls, we think there may be a mouse catching his eye.

This is my Rosie girl. She doesn't like the hot weather. She hates it above about 25 degrees c. Here she is under the shade of a gum tree keeping cool.

Well this was just a quick catch up of around my place. Work keeps me really busy so not much time to catch up on blogging.



Tracy said...

Happy birthday Tracie. Sounds like you have had a nice day.
Best wishes,

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Hope you had a great Birthday.


Caroline said...

Happy VERY belated Birthday to you Tracie