Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Our Pond

Last Easter (2010) we turned the filter off on our swimming pool. The cost of electricity and chemicals to run it was extremely expensive.
We did do quite a bit of research before doing this, and decided if we were going to still have a body of water in the backyard we may as well make it pretty.

This week we put the first of the plants in the water, look at what they have attracted. Beautiful Dragonflies.

This fellow or lady, was quite large and having a great cool off in the water.

and doesn't this guy have the most gorgeous red tail.

Our pool has a few other water bugs as well. Our next step after we have put a few more plants in is to add fish...



Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

How big is your pool, could it sustain fish for eating?

When we were kids we had a above ground pool and one year my sister bought home some fish she found in a local creek. These were put into the pool over winter. We had fun in the murky catching the fish by hand when Summer rolled around and we wanted to use the pool again. Don't know what we did with the fish, they were Carp.
When the time came for the pool to go, my sister (a real tomboy) pulled the liner out and turned the pool into a lizard enclosure. She had found an injured frilled neck lizard and the odd blue tongue around the yard.

Caroline said...

Wow that was a big step to take.

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