Sunday, June 01, 2008

In Loving Memory of Toby 6/2/1996 to 1/6/2008

We lost our beautiful boy today.

He was hit by a car this morning. Steve found him on the footpath not a scratch on him.

We tried to keep him inside but he was at his happiest outside. He loved to wander and I knew our street would be the death of him.

Toby had a good almost 12 and a half 1/2 years. More than he would of had if we hadn't rescued him from the local vet clinic all those years ago. He was on death row, the kitten no one wanted, but we gave him a home and we loved him with all our hearts. He is going to be greatly missed as he was our baby.

He was grumpy but we loved everything about him. I knew him so well, I could read every little facial expression and I knew what he wanted when he wanted something, there will never be another cat like him.

We are going to miss Toby so much, rest in peace our little mate.


Ps. These are some of the last photos that were taken of him on Thursday 29th May.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Toby looks like he was a very precious, mischevious and much loved cat.

Monica said...

Hi Tracie, I'm so sorry to hear about your little man. I would be devastated to lose one of my girls. Toby looked like a real sweetie.

Tracie said...


Thanks Monica and Tracy. Yes he is being sorely missed by us an lil pud our girl cat

Tracie xx

Out Back said...

Hello Tracie,

Pets make great companions but they break our hearts when we have to say goodbye. My little Pippy dog went to doggy heaven in December and I miss her terribly. Sorry for the loss of Toby, he looks like he had lots of personality and I am sure you gave him a very happy life.