Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Queens Birthday Long Weekend

I have been having a great time baking bread rolls, I have made three lots so far if I had known how easy it was I would have done then before now.
Here they are before they are baked. I have found that the secret is to let them rise for quite a bit of time. I left this lot for 2 hours yesterday while we were out in the morning then I baked them for lunch.
Here they are after they baked for 19 minutes at 205 degrees on fan forced.

They were so yummy and light and fluffy inside, the secret is in the rising time. We ate these rolls with Celery and Celeriac soup. it was Yum and so filling

The other thing I have made is my Nana's

6 long Red Chillies

4 Large green apples

3 cups Sugar

1.5 cups white Vinegar

Deseed and chop chillies. If you like some bite in your relish leave some of the seeds in.
Peel core and chop apples.
Put all ingredients into a lge pot and simmer stirring occassionally until the relish is set using the cold plate testing method. The relish will darken the longer it is cooked. It takes 3 time the recipe to get this much relish.

I also finally used my Fowlers electric preserving pan that I picked up at Bankstown Markets for $7.00. So now I can keep my relish in the pantry.

My Mum always keeps hers in the pantry even though she doesn't use a preserving pan.

The other thing I made this weekend from scratch was pizza. I made the dough and all. The pizzas were just lovely. I don't usually like pizza but I will be doing these again.


Anonymous said...

Tracie those rolls look heavenly! WTG


Anonymous said...

The rolls look great. It sounds like you had a productive weekend.

Thanks for offering to be part of the Pay it Forward. If you send me an email, I will give you the details.

sunnycorner2340 at yahoo dot com dot au

The Tin House said...

Tracie, the rolls look amazing. And I cannot get over the uber bargain of the preserving kit for $7!!!! In my dreams!

lisa x

p.s. sad to hear about your poor cat. Hugs

Tracy said...

I don't know if this will help you, but I prove my rolls over a sink full of hot tap water and a clean tea towel over the top. I have a baking pan that is perfectly the right size for resting at the top of the sink. If you don't, just tip a deep bowl upside down to sit the pan of bread on. I find my rolls prove in under an hour that way.