Thursday, June 05, 2008

WINTER - My Favourite season...

I have reading two of my favourite blogs Sunny Corner Farm and Beyond My Picket Fence and their titles included winter in them. This inspired me to write something about winter here.

Yes winter is here, but here in Sydney we are just having rain and the cloud cover is keeping it nice and warm.

Well I think it's warm (18 degrees C) today. This is my favourite time of the year I just love winter, I would like the rain to stop for a day or two just so I can get the washing dry. I have a dryer but I don't want to use it. I uses too much power. We have an outside undercover clothes line but the air is so damp that nothing is dryingThe fire has been going for 4 days now and the house is nice and toasty, so I have been trying to hang what I can on hangers but the house is looking like a laundry.

I baked my first lot of bread rolls from scratch the other night, they were alright, I need to practice some more, will cook some more over the weekend. I did cheat and do the dough in the bread maker. Next time I will take some photos.

Tonight we are having Apricot Chicken for dinner with Mashed potatoes and some other vegetables I still haven't decided which ones. This whole dish costs about $6.00 and there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow, Steve likes to take leftovers for lunch the next day so I always cook extra.

Tracie xx

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Anonymous said...

ah Tracie, you mentioned 2 of my favourite things....apricot chicken and winter.

I usually serve the chicken over rice, only because its one of the few times I can get everyone to eat the rice lol

Winter I would take anytime in preferrence to summer, the heat kills me, I feel like he vegetables look in that weather.....wilted!