Thursday, July 03, 2008

How My Garden is growing

We ate our first Cauliflower out of our very own garden yesterday. It was so yum. I made a nice cheesy white sauce to go on it and that made it even more delicious. The Broccoli is also getting bigger and bigger we will be eating them as well real soon. Eating out of your own garden is so satisfying, the hard work is worth it to not have to eat all those chemicals. I spent a couple of minutes each morning and go down to the garden and pull the little green caterpillars off the leaves, I think the moths have finally worked out that laying eggs in my garden is no way of carrying on their moth lineage as the caterpillars only end up squished under my foot. I haven't seen anymore caterpillars for a couple of days.

Our Rainbow Chard looks and tastes just fantastic. I will make another Spinach/Silverbeet Pie very soon it was so nice last week, you will find the recipe on the Down to Earth blog.
I made some yummy Strawberry jam last week. It tasted good but I didn't get it to the right setting point. I will try again, this was my first attempt at jam making. I started to write this a couple of days ago but this is the first chance I have had to get back to it.
Steve and I planted our apple trees today. We have put them in two very big pots, we have used pots so that if we move we can take them with us to our new home.
I will try and get back tomorrow.
Tracie xx


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