Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tupperware Party

Tonight I'm having a Tupperware Party. Tupperware the most fantastic plastic containers on the planet. I have the stuff breeding in the cupboard. Over the last couple of years I have stopped buying it as it is just too expensive. There are a couple of peices that I just can't live without like the Fridge Smarts and Veg Outs, these 2 articles are just fantastic and they really work. I put all my vegetable in the Fridge Smart containers and it keeps them for weeks (I actually use all the veges too quickly now) and in the VegOut I store potatoes and onions. They are stored seperately as they send each other bad.

The reason I'm having a party is to help a friend out, she is just strating out as a dealer, I try not to host Tupperware parties anymore but with that said, I end up having one every year it is really becoming an annual event. I will be trying not to buy anything my plan is to get enough sales that I will get what I want for free.

I have already made cupcakes this morning from the Crabapple Bakery cookbook they are the easiest cupcakes to make and I know they work. Now I'm going to make my friend Kelly's Weekender Biscuits.
These weekender biscuits (cookies) are always a hit whenever they are made, they just melt in your mouth.

Have a great day

Tracie xx


Gill - That British Woman said...

I just love Tupperware, I have tons and tons of it...I can't get enough of it!!! I would have come to the party if I was a bit closer...LOL
Gill from Canada

earthly jane said...

I have alot of retro tupperware. I moved out on my own around the sametime that my grandparents died and I got all my grandmothers kitchen stuff. I've been looking at those veg containers. But like you said, they're so expensive. I just use boxes and it works fine. The tupperware would be so much prettier!
have fun at your party!

Anonymous said...

Have a fun party. I hope you get enough sales for your goodies.

earthly jane said...

re: I mostly got money. Which I can't complain about. I did however get a 9 piece professional silicone bakeware set.
It's pink...I love it!
I take a pic and post it!