Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!! "My Five Favourite Things"

Kristin over at Homemaker at Heart has tagged me.

(1) Steve - Husband

(2) My cats Lil Pud and Kirby

(3)Aidan and Riley - our friends Kelly and Steve's children but I love them lots and lots.

(4)Country Music - anyone that knows me knows I'm a diehard country music fan. My favourite singer is Troy Cassar-Daley.

(5) Cooking - this is a new favourite thing. I always thought I didn't have the time to do it but now I love to cook and try new recipes.

I don't know alot of bloggers out there that I would feel comfortable tagging so If you are reading this and would like to participate just put your five favourite things on your blog and let me know about it so I can read it.

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