Monday, August 02, 2010


It's August can you believe it? The year is going sooo fast.

Steve and I have started to get ready for the spring, it's not too far away you know. We have started to prepare the garden beds at the allotment (Steve's parents house), we are making the gardens a bit smaller and higher this year so the are easier to reach across when weeding and planting etc. We are also going to add a couple of extra beds to compensate for the lost space.

We have been doing a bit of work over the last 3 weeks pruning trees and just general garden maintenance.

Our winter plantings haven't been too successful, we have a bit of broccoli but that is all, I don't know if that is the wet or the cold winter we have had. The snow peas have finally started to flower so they should start to fruit soon.

In the greenhouse we have peas, rocket, coriander, spinach, lettuce, marigolds and assylums. We have signed up with for $20.00 per year they will give you help with what to grow and when to get the most benefit from the garden. As they are based in Sutherland which isn't far from us I thought I would give them a go.

Our Chookies are going really well, the little girls are now 16 weeks old, they certainly love their food and we put them in the back garden to clean out the wandering dew, which they did with great delight. They are five wonderful little personalities all different. They are scared of Rosie, who is at the top of the pecking order, from watching them I have noticed they even have a little pecking order starting among themselves. One of the black hens I have called Harriet as she is a great escape artist. If you need to know if something can be escaped from the just put Harriet in there and you will find out very quickly.

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Tracy said...

Hi Tracie,
good luck with your spring preparations and plantings. We are having a wet, cold snap here so I think I will wait just a little bit longer to get started.
Take care,