Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting ready for Spring...

Here at Our Simple Green House we are getting ready for spring. You wouldn't know it by the weather but it is only a few weeks away.

Steve has built me some new gardens to use. As we have a very large and beautiful gum tree plus a useless pool in our back yard we have to do alternative planting. We bought 4 200lt drums for $30.00 and we cut them in half to create this...

We have planted under the little PET bottle green houses, peas, lettuce and rocket. The rest are in the green house getting a little bigger. In the green house we have,

Our chookies are all doing well. Rosie is back to giving us 1 egg a day.

The little girls are 18 weeks old now, they are very big eaters, I give them warm
porridge, grain and weeds every day they are growing well.

Here are our other hens, I have to say my favourites are Rosie and Harry, they both have lots of personality. Rosie is the boss of the 8 chooks but I think Harry is the boss of the five new hens. I also believe that Harry and Ava will be my first layers as their cones are bigger than the others.

Well this has been quite a long post.

I have more photos to come.


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