Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trip to Leura Jan 9th 10th and 11th 2009

I have lots to catch up on.

We went to Leura in early January, I had a lovely relaxing time. Until we got the phone call on Sunday Morning to say Kirby was missing. Kirby is our 11 month old cat and he was staying with some friends while we were away. On Saturday night he had got out of their house and they couldn't find him anywhere, we came home and joined the search party, we searched for hours then we decided it was getting too hot so we would put the search off until it was cooler. We restarted the search in the evening just before dusk thinking that it had quietened down and he might come out to my voice. We decided after a few more hours of searching that we weren't going to find him. We went home. About 1 hour later we got an excited phone call to say he was back and meowing at their front door. One very hungry ginger cat had returned 23 hours after he had gone missing, only he knows where he had been. I tell you there were 5 very pleased to see him humans. We were all over him and I don't think he could quite understand what the fuss was all about. We were so thankful that he had come home, I thought we had lost him forever.

In the weeks since there have been no mad dashes made to get out the back door, I don't know what happened in that 23 hours but we now have one content to stay inside ginger cat.

Our time spent in Leura was very peaceful and relaxing, I walked to the Leura shops but they are very overpriced so I didn't purchase anything. The shops are all lovely to look but they are just tourist traps. I didn't need anything so I didn't buy. Very proud of myself...

I came back from the shops and baked some afternoon tea for everyone. Cupcakes, are their favourites, and I think this was the nicest batch that I have made. Cupcakes with orange icing, they were yum with a nice cuppa. It took a little getting use to the oven but it was great just a little too small but I coped.

I will do more updating later.

Tracie xx

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Caroline said...

So glad your cat came back. Orange icing yum yum always reminds me of afternoon tea at my Grannys.