Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I Got over my little vent from yesterday. I just didn't watch the news tonight.

We have had a wonderful eating from the garden season, excuse the grammar...

We have eaten from our garden the following - Tomatoes, approx 15kgs, we haven't finished yet the tomatoes still have about 4-6 weeks in them, we have to pick them green and allow them to ripen off the vine as we have a bit of a fruitfly problem.

We are still harvesting beans, about a handful a day my FIL picks, and for someone who only really likes them raw, this is lots. We have been giving them to friends and eating lots in salads gives an extra crunch and raw food is better for you anyway.

We have eaten zucchinis and cucumbers till they have come out of our ears, with the Zuccs we had a bit of problem with the ends rotting, we have worked out from lots of reading that our soil is a bit acidic and they are lacking calicium. We have rectified this with some calcium rich fertiliser.

My two raspberries that I planted at last count have turned into nine.

We are starting to get strawberries, finally, if the possums would just leave them alone. I hid 2 almost ripe strawberries under some leaves and the next morning when I came to check on them they were gone.

I better go for now.

Tracie xx

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