Friday, January 08, 2010

Back at work as of yesterday. Funtime was busy, Mums catching up while children played. People stay all day and talk, I would be bored with that after awhile. When I take the kids I care for we are usually home by 12.30pm at the latest. That's enough time for them tohave a good play and wear themselves out.

Back to caring for the children on Monday. Have missed them a little bit. Aidan, Riley and Kelly will be here for the night tomorrow, it will be great to catchup with them.

Made a batch of Chilli Relish this afternoon from my own chillies. The last batch I made a couple of weeks ago I didn't put enough vinegar in it so it is really thick and didn't darken up enough.

I left a few seeds in this batch to give it a bit of bite.

Managed to pick up a box of mushrooms for $2.99. I have cooked these up and they will be yummy on toast for brekky over the next few days. Mushrooms are so filling.

This might help me get back on the weight loss track after the chrissy break. How come it's so hard to stay on a diet over christmas.

Last weekend we spent time in the garden preparing bed so that they can have a rest before we plant them up for winter. We also planted some more corn, the last lotdidn't do too good, Our soil doesn't seem to be holding the moisture so we have treated it with Wettasoil, and see if this helps. When you stick your finger in the soil after watering the soil in only moist for the first millimetre, then it is bone dry.

We have two of the biggest pumpkins that have set on our vine, just hope they can go the distance. The vines are certainly big. We have a Jap that has come up at home, and it is taking over the garden like some alien octopus. I hope we get some fruit on this vine.


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joolzmac said...

Hi Tracie

Popped over from Caroline's Simple Things and got a surprise to see my blog at the top of your list! Lol!

I think I have visited you once or twice before. How is your diabetes going and your weight loss? Any tips and hints for us - I'd love to hear them.

I think my biggest tip is to 'keep my mouth shut'!

Cheers for now, Joolz