Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Morning,

Sitting on the back patio again enjoying the morning, yesterday I went and spent the birthday money I was given. I really needed a new hat with a wide rim and some new sunglasses. I bought both. I had been admiring a hat at Flower Power so I went and bought it. It was $30.00 but they were having a sale so I only paid $26.95 a small saving that went towards my sunglasses. I went to my favourite chemist shop and bought 2 pairs of sunglasses for $25.00, not that I loose sunnies but I am always putting them in strange places and not able to find them when I need them.

My good sunglasses have got too big for my face since I have lost weight and I can't bend down with them on without loosing them. This is frustrating when you're gardening.

My friend Christine gave me a nice blouse which I'm looking forward to wearing. It is white with crocheting on the front.

Oh well I had better head off to work again...


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