Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Creature is this???

Does anyone know what creature this is?

I found it in the chook pen when cleaning them out the other day.

Is it friend or foe.



TG said...

Definite FOE. This is a wicked cutworm also known as tomato worm. They can decimate a fruit bearing plant in less than a week dpending on size. GREAT FISH BAIT. When handled they spit out a nasty tobacco like substance. If there is will find more.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy have just seen "the monster"!!! It looks like something from a horror film. Please keep it in your backyard, because if I see it in mine I will scream and run!!!!! far away!!!!! Read the comment by TG and she obviously is also acquainted with "the monster", thankfully I have never seen one. I am impressed by her knowledge, and I agree it is a FOE. Antonia